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Romney: Residual Impairments from Brain Injury in 1968?

DocChap, a Daily Kos member with a background in neuropsychology, posted some original research about Mitt Romney's possible residual impairments from a 1968 brain injury:

How Republicans Went Crazy, Democrats Became Useless and the Middle Class Got Shafted


Here is an excerpt:

Bill Moyers: The second subtitle, "The Party Is Over: Democrats Became Useless." How did Democrats become useless?

Mike Lofgren: I think they got complacent during the '60s, '70s, and '80s. And then finally after that period, they woke up, found they had lost three straight presidential elections. So they had to retool and make themselves more corporate friendly.

Bill Moyers: Corporate friendly?

Strategy implications of poll results so far

Looking at the results so far, of Emocracy poll (and the Score, Approval and Plurality polls too, for that matter), what do those results say about what your voting strategy should be?

Well, as I said before

1. If the Democrats aren't your favorite, then there is no reason to give them a higher rating than candidates or parties you like better.

2. In fact, if you like someone else better, then the only reason to top-rate Democrats (along with your genuine favdorite(s) ) would be if you need the Democrats because only they can beat someone who is worse than they are.

The many Democrat-preferrers in the Emocracy poll

The Emocracy poll has far more ballots than do the Score, Approval, and Plurality polls. More ballots is, of course, a good thing.

Maybe the additional voters are from the Daily Kos website. Does "Kos" stand for "keep out sincerity"? :-)

A few comments are in order:

1. If the heavily Democrat Daily Kos website members were invited to participate, then it's essential that an equivalent Republican website, and a Greens website, be likewise invited to participate. Balance, sampling fairness, requires that no faction or party be invited more than the others.

What do you think about Obama and his record?

Over at the post about Jill Stein and the Green Party ( http://minguo.info/usa/node/138 ), we started discussing Obama. I thought it better if there is a thread specifically about him (as well as for each candidate we might wish to discuss).

So, in general, what do you think about Obama and his record?

Strategy Reminders for Emocracy voting

When voting in Emocracy, remember that:

1. There is no reason to not give max points (the "Like" rating, for 2 points) to your genuine favorite(s)

2. There is no reason to give more than min points ("Don't Like" or "Don't Know", for 0 points) to someone who isn't quite as good as your favorite(s), unless, otherwise, someone worse might win.

The results of the 2008 poll, and the results-so-far in this poll, give you an idea of what is likely. For instance, in 2008, and in this poll so far, the Republican candidates get very few points, and aren't even close to winning.

Jill Stein and Green Party US platform

Michael has asked me several times what I thought of the platform of the Green Party US.

The truth is that I never read it. So, before we start this discussion on the platform of Jill Stein and the GPUS, we ought to read a bit to get some background information:


I attach their official platform for future reference.

Vote for a Democrat if you want things to keep on staying the same

We've been taught that the Democrat and the Republican are the main candidates, and maybe (depending on how much a person has believed it) the only serious candidates.

We're told that the winner of our official public elections will always be a Democrat or a Republican. And guess what: It will be, if that's always whom we vote for :-) You've heard of a self-fulfilling prophesy?

Someone once said that we shouldn't expect a different result, when we keep on doing the same thing.

So yes, keep on voting for the Democrats or Republicans if you want things to keep on staying the same.

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