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This handbook aims to answer all the questions you might have about this web site and especially how to use it.

If you have a question that is not answered in any of the sub-sections below, please ask here!

How to make massive changes to my book?

Making massive changes

The short answer is: "Don't. Ask first!" The reason is simple: there is often an easier way to achieve your purpose. Also, massive changes to any content may have unintended consequences.

Changing the outline

If you want to change the outline of your Personal Book, moving one page from one place to another, do not attempt to delete the page to recreate it in the new place. It won't work. Check the following page, and ask for help:

Ask your questions here if you need technical help

This is a generic thread where you can ask any technical questions regarding this web site, maybe even report bugs, etc.

We have a growing Help section here:
Check it out. But if you don't find the answer to your question, ask in a comment below.
I'll do my best to assist you, and together we can improve the documentation.

How to organize a book structure (outline)

A book outline represents the structure of a book. It is a way to arrange different web pages (wiki pages, personal book pages, etc.) into a logical order, divided into sections and sub-sections.

Personal books

Once an administrator has set up your now Personal Book, you can start editing your book's home page (i.e. cover page).
You can also start adding pages to your book by following the link "Add child Personal Book Page" at the bottom of your book's home page.
You can arrange your book into section and sub-sections.

introduction to the site, and some simple guidelines

A user recently wrote to me:

> I couldn't easily find where to vote. I would mention in the
> intro that "when you are ready to vote, or learn more, click on the link
> under the poll results." I know it's obvious, but it actually caused me
> some frustration until I slowed down. ;-)

It's true that I had not taken the time to write an introduction to the USA realm.
As a result, I wrote the following:
which is now sticky at the top of the front page.

If you want to suggest a better wording, etc. please comment below.



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