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Israel, an apartheid regime, painted its fighter jet pink in October of 2016 for Cancer Awareness Month while denying Gaza cancer patients access to treatment.1

French comedian Nicolas Bedos within rights to describe Marine Le Pen as a 'fascist bitch'

Richard B. Spencer and the altright are literally calling for a second Holocaust where Jews, Muslims, and all opponents of Nazism get targeted for extermination. Calling Richard B. Spencer an asshole is an understatement.

via @RichardBSpencer, Twitter, 2017, https://twitter.com/RichardBSpencer/status/857855912647720961
(Tweet deleted.)

The comedian, Nicolas Bedos, used the term "fascist bitch" to describe Marine Le Pen in a column he penned for the Marianne magazine in January 2012.

Trudeau Uses Sophism to Destroy the Environment

[Image: David Suzuki]

Environmentalist David Suzuki called Trudeau a twerp for supporting projects that damage the environment, then having the audacity to ask him [Suzuki] for a political endorsement.

“I said, ‘Justin, stop it, you’re just being political, you just want to make headway in Alberta,’” Suzuki says he told Trudeau. “You’re for the development of the tar sands, you’re for the Keystone pipeline, but you’re against the Northern Gateway, you’re all over the damn map!”

French presidential elections, 2017

10 days from now, I will vote in the first round of the presidential election, and I have spend a lot of time watching debates and getting informed on the candidates.

There is so much to write about in this election. Unfortunately for you, most of my time will be spent on writing about it in French, so that I can share with my family.

However, should you be interested, or if you have comments or questions on the French elections (plural, because we have two rounds), you can use the comment section below.

You may check this first:

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