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Each 'ticket' (also called 'issue') below represents something that needs to be improved in the web site. It is where the community comes together and builds something constructive.

Please ensure that the discussion on each ticket is narrowly limited to the topic at hand. Fork the discussion onto a new thread (new blog entry or new ticket) if necessary.

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Summary Status Priority Category Component Repliessort icon Last updated Assigned to Created
Review 'Fascism' / 'Antifascism' tags active normal tasks Miscellaneous 1 1 year 8 weeks 1 year 8 weeks
Policy: appeal to violence and hatred active major tasks User moderation 1 1 year 7 weeks augustin 1 year 8 weeks
Review image classes and formatting active normal feature requests Technical aspects 1 1 year 10 weeks augustin 1 year 14 weeks
Uploading and embedding images closed normal support requests Wiki 4 28 weeks 1 day 1 year 10 weeks
Ban on racist and prejudiced theories and on verbal abuse closed normal tasks Wiki 26 1 week 6 days 1 year 6 weeks
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