What do you think about the presence of the US military on foreign soil?

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With hundreds of military bases around the world, the US has an inordinate amount of military personal being sent to and stationed on foreign soil.
Whether they are in a country at peace or sent to harm's way within a military conflict, what do you think about US military presence on foreign soil? How much is reasonable? What conditions would make their presence there — or their withdrawal — acceptable?

Rate from 0 to 10 on proposed statements according to how much you agree with them.

We have not (yet) found a resource with an exact count of the number and the size of US military bases abroad. However, see this wikipedia article: List of United States military bases.

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Choice Blog entries Score votes Maximum score
72.5 % A certain amount of US military bases abroad is necessary for strategic and geopolitical purposes. 0 29 4 40
65 % The presence abroad of the US military is necessary for the US to defend its own borders. 1 entry 26 4 40
60 % Large portions of the US military should be reconverted for exclusive humanitarian purposes (e.g. disaster relief...) 0 24 4 40
50 % The US military should be drastically cut down, with the bulk of the cut being made in bases abroad. 1 entry 20 4 40
45 % The money previously spent on the military should be used to create jobs and rebuild infrastructure within the US. 1 entry 18 4 40
42.5 % Bring home all U.S. troops and close down the hundreds of US military bases around the world. 1 entry 17 4 40
20 % Military ships, submarines, and planes can be used for low-budget travel and tourism. 1 entry 8 4 40
10 % The US military should close *all* of its military bases abroad. 1 entry 3 3 30

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