Which party would you like to see in the position of majority government for Canada?

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Which party would you like to see in the position of majority government for Canada?

The poll includes all 17 registered federal political parties in Canada.

For information, here is the list of leaders for each party (subject to change):

  • Parties with elected members in the House of Commons:
    • Conservative Party (Leader: Stephen Harper)
    • New Democratic Party (Leader: Thomas Mulcair)
    • Liberal Party of Canada (Leader: Justin Trudeau)
    • Bloc Québécois (Leader: Mario Beaulieu)
    • Green Party of Canada (Leader: Elizabeth May)
  • Other registered parties:
    • Animal Alliance/Environment Voters (Leader: Ms. Liz White)
    • Canadian Action Party (Leader: Mr. Jeremy E. Arney)
    • Christian Heritage Party (Leader: David John Reimer)
    • Coummunist (Leader: Mr. Miguel Figueroa)
    • Libertarian (Leader: Ms. Katrina Chowne)
    • Marijuana Party (Leader: M. Blair T. Longley)
    • Marxist-Leninist (Leader: Ms. Anna Di Carlo)
    • Party for Accountability, Competency and Transparency (Leader: Mr. Michael Nicula)
    • Pirate Party (Leader: Mr. James Wilson)
    • Mr. James Wilson (Leader: The Hon. Sinclair M. Stevens)
    • Rhinoceros (Leader: Mr. François Yo Gourd)
    • United Party of Canada (Leader: Mr. Robert (Bob) Kesic)

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For more information about each party, you can check this wikipedia article:
List of federal political parties in Canada (with links to pages on each individual party.

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