What improvement would you like for this site?

This poll operates like a wiki: feel free to update its summary and, if applicable, add a new, better option to the poll itself.

What improvement would you most like to see implemented in this site? The results of this poll will help the developer to prioritize his work according to demand, feasibility and criticality.

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Before adding new options, you might want to check the web site development roadmap and also the community policies in the manifesto.

See also: What conditions must be met before proxy voting is enabled?

This poll is listed in the following wiki page:

Choice Blog entries Score votes Maximum score
80 % Add "share" buttons for social networks 2 entries 24 3 30
80 % Be able to embed videos 4 entries 24 3 30
67.5 % Improve the workflow to add and edit poll options 1 entry 27 4 40
66.67 % Improve the taxonomy term view (taxonomy/term/nnn) 2 entries 20 3 30
50 % Improve the proxy voting features so that we can start using them. 0 20 4 40
45 % Nothing! The site is perfect as it is! :) 18 4 40

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