Which one is more important? The lose of 1€($) in your bank account or the lose of one vote?

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Imagine you have in parallel with your bank account, a voting account!
Supose you can use the same bank machine that you use to get money to cast your votes.
Imagine that your bank can make a mistake and you lose 1€($) from your money account,
at the same time an electronic voting account could be mistaken and you lose one vote to the wrong person.
Wich one is more important to you?

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1€($) is more important!1 entryLoading poll results. Please wait.
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A democratic vote is more important!33 entries
An emocratic vote is more important!1 entry
Emocractic vote as important as the 1€($)!0
The vote is more important!0
We shouldn't use a computer to vote in the first place.0

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