West Virginia 1st Congressional District

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This section covers West Virginia's 1st Congressional District. Information is as follows:

Location of District: Northern part of West Virginia. Includes Rust Belt area of state's northern panhandle which includes Wheeling, the district's third largest city, as well as Fairmont, Clarksburg, and the college town of Morgantown.
Largest City in District: Parkersburg
Industries: Rural farm, timber production
Notably Universities: West Virginia University, located in the city of Morgantown
Current Representative in Congress: David McKinley, from the Republican Party
Ethnic Demographics: 96% White, 1.8% Black, less than 1% for remainder of minority races of residents in the district
Political demographics: Democratic strongholds are mainly in the cities whereas rural communities tread more Republican or conservative. Strong union base but union workers (and even West Virginia Democrats in general) can be socially conservative, making it more difficult for the national Democratic Party to do outreach. However, the Democratic Party held this district from 1969 - 2011 so it hasn't always been in Republican territory.


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