Alaska's at-large Congressional District

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This section of the state of Alaska focuses on the at-large Congressional district, which represents the entire state of Alaska. Information on the Congressional district is as follows:

Location of District: Entire state of Alaska (including Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau)
Size of District: The largest Congressional district in the U.S.
Current U.S. Congress Representative: Don Young, from the Republican Party
Population: Based on 2010 information, population is at 710,231.
Median Income: $57,341
Community Range: 65.7% Urban, 34.3% Rural
Ethnicity: Predominately Caucasian as in 64.1% but there are certain sects of other races. The largest minority race is Native American, which is 14.4%, more than Black, Asian, Hispanic and other races.
Political affiliation: 27% Republican, 14.6% Democratic, 53% Independent or Unaffiliated, 5.2% Third Parties
Last time a Democrat represented the Congressional District: Nick Begich (U.S. Senator Mark Begich's father) in 1972.
Information on State: First achieved statehood in January 3, 1959.

2014 elections

Matt Moore is a Democratic candidate for the 2014 elections for Alaska's at-large Congressional District.


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