What are the goals and strategies of the Knowledge Democrats movement?

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The goals of the Knowledge Democrats movement are described on the project home page:

This poll is here to allow us to further discuss the goals and strategies of the Knowledge Democrats movement.

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Choice Blog entries Votes for votes score
100 % Include progressive candidates from third parties. 0 3 3 3
100 % Focus on California's 49th congressional district (as an example and a template for other districts to come). 1 entry 3 3 3
100 % Create high quality wiki content on the candidates and on the issues. 1 entry 3 3 3
100 % Create a wiki page for each congressional district where the Knowledge Democrats movement is active. 12 entries 2 2 2
66.67 % Campaign in Ohio's 8th congressional district. 1 entry 2 3 2

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