What do you think about voter (photo) ID?

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A flurry of new voter photo ID laws have been in the news a lot in recent years. One side argues that they are necessary to prevent voter fraud, the other site is concerned about voter disenfranchisement. What is your take on this? What kind of law and provisions would you support?

Approve all the statements you agree with.

Listing in the manifesto:

Choice Blog entries Votes for votes score
75 % State governments requiring voter photo IDs should provide free photo IDs to every citizen. 0 3 4 3
75 % Election fraud is a bigger problem than voter fraud. 0 3 4 3
75 % Photo IDs should be required to vote but no voter should be disenfranchised in the process. 0 3 4 3
50 % Photo IDs should *not* be required to vote. 0 2 4 2
25 % Photo IDs should be required to vote. 1 entry 1 4 1

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