Poll on which voting system should be proposed for official public elections

This poll operates like a wiki: feel free to update its summary and, if applicable, add a new, better option to the poll itself.

This is a poll regarding which voting system should be proposed for official public elections.

In other words, vote as if you were a member of an initiative committee that is voting to decide what voting systrem that initiative committee will propose as an initiative.

The ballot is below, but first I should define the methods on the ballot:

Plurality is the Vote-For-1 method currently in use for official public elections.

Approval lets you approve (give 1 point instead of 0 points) as many candidates as you want to. The candidate with the most approvals wins.

Score lets you assign, to each candidate, any number of points from 0 to N. The candidate with most points wins.
Score versions are named for the value of N.

Emocracy is a variant of Score voting where there are as many negative options as positive ones (e.g. a -5~+5 range), with an additional "I don't know" option which amounts to giving the minimum score. See this discussion of the definition of emocracy.

Instant Runoff (IRV) is a rank count probably defined and discussed somewhere at this website. If you like IRV, you probably already know what it is.

A word about some Condorcet versions.

The Condorcet versions have this in common: They all elect a candidate if s/he "pairwise-beats" each of the other candidates.

Traditional (unimproved) Condorcet merely says that X beats Y if more people rank X over Y than rank Y over X.

Improved Condorcet interprets equal top ranking of 2 or more candidates on a ballot in terms of what that ballot's voter intends, wishes, and would prefer. The purpose of Improved Condorcet is to meet FBC, the Favorite-Betrayal Criterion, so that no one will have strategic incentive to vote someone over his/her favorite.

The advocate of Improved Condorcet (that's me) doesn't recommend any rank method for official public elections, and, for that reason, Improved Condorcet isn't included in this poll.

A few other rank methods are included, because some people advocate them for official elections. The poll includes two kinds of unimproved Condorcet: Winning Votes and Margins. Those are two broad categories of unimproved Condorcet.

Another method that has some popularity, and is therefore included in this poll, is MJ (Majority Judgement). It's like Score, except that each candidate receives a score equal to the median of the point scores given to him by the voters.

So, now that the methods are defined, here is the ballot:

Choice Blog entries Score votes Maximum score
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0-100 Score0
Approval1 entry
Emocracy2 entries
IRV1 entry
MJ2 entries
Plurality5 entries
unimproved Condorcet(winning votes)1 entry
unimproved Condordet(margins)1 entry

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