What issue will the most influence your vote for the 2012 elections?

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What issue will the most influence your vote for the 2012 elections?

If all issues are important to you, vote "I like" only for those issues that you think are most important. Vote "I don't like" for those issues that are of no concern to you, or that you feel are much less important.

2016 US presidential election polls:

Choice Blog entries +10-1I don't know Votes Score
Deregulate the economy / promote free enterprise0Loading poll results. Please wait.
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Downsize the Federal government0
Fight global warming and climate change0
Immediate complete widrawal from Iraq0
Immediate complete withdrawal from Afghanistan0
Implement a healthcare voucher program0
Improve the health care system0
Increase taxes on the very rich (millionaires and billionaires)0
Less marginal tax rate on working-poor, and more on high incomes (such as upper 5%)0
LGBT issues0
Maintain medicare0
New, full scale and independent investigation of the 9/11 events0
Postpone the War on Terror till we establish who did 9/110
Pro-choice / Feminist issues0
Pro-life / anti-abortion issues0
Protect the environment5 entries
Reduce taxes for everybody0
Religious issues7 entries
Repeal Obamacare0
Stay in Afghanistan till we win the war there0
Stay in Iraq till the new Iraqi regime can stand alone0
Use better Election Methods for elections5 entries
Win the war on terror0
Withdraw the troops from Afghanistan0

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