We recognize the fact that humanity needs its natural environment and the whole ecosystem to survive. We want to promote policies, and in particular economic policies, that take this basic fact into account.

We believe that all the natural resources of the Earth belong to the whole of humanity, including present and future generations. We also believe that it is in humanity's interest to protect the interests of other life forms, in particular that of the Animal Kingdom.

Policing the production and use of chemicals:
We believe that fragrances need better labelling. The sale and use of toxic chemicals should be better regulated.

About Global warming:
We want more research to be done. We believe that caring for future generations is more important than immediate economic returns.
We believe we should reduce the use of cars within cities, which will be beneficial on several levels, including reducing the emission of green house gases.

A poll about cars and urbanism.
We want to promote carfree cities.