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How to use this realm to "Promote better voting systems"?
We decided to:
- Create a directory of Politicians promoting better voting systems.
- Create a directory of relevant USA action groups
- Cooperate with like-minded web sites. However, the modalities of such cooperation have yet to be defined. It was decided to Support Black Box Voting. However, the most appropriate way for our (small) community to support Black Box Voting has not yet been discussed.

Which Election method do you like?
We like and would like to promote any weighted (point system) election method. As such, we like and support: Approval Voting, Score voting (a.k.a Range Voting) and Emocracy. We specifically reject the current Plurality voting system, as well and any ranked voting system like Condorcet or IRV (Instant Runnoff Voting), because of the great count-fraud vulnerability of their highly computation-intensive counts. (see this thread.)

What do you think about machine/computer assisted voting?

About the Electoral College:
We believe that the Electoral College should be completely eliminated. Instead, we support the National Popular Vote bill.

Right to vote and ballot access.