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If you wish, you can follow the weekly publication of commentaries on each chapter at the Daily Kos Les Misérables group. You can send augustin a private message in order to be invited to join the group.

Accepting an invitation to join does not obligate you to anything. It simply allows you to follow the group's activity more easily.


The group is an open group. By default, everybody is a "BlogEditor". It doesn't mean you have anything to do. It simply means that should you ever want to, you can publish any diary to the group.

Publish your own diary: Once you have completed the draft of your new diary, go to the Publication Manager; select the option "Queue to a group blog"; Select "Les Miserables"; click "Publish". You will be redirected to the group blog diary queue. There, you can either click on "Publish now" or schedule the diary for a later time, at your convenience.

Publish another person's diary: if you stumble onto a nice diary that you feel would be appropriate for the group, click the button "Republish" below the diary, above the comments; select the group and add a small note about why you feel the diary is appropriate for the group in order to inform other group members. Then go to the group blog diary queue and schedule the diary for publication like explained above.

Making a difference

The stated ultimate goal is to make a difference in today's world. In order for this project to have the biggest impact, you might want to register at this web site and check the Action wiki page.