Action (TODO items)

This is a collectively editable wiki page. Be bold and improve it by adding any relevant information you may have.

There are several inter-connected layers to this project: understanding the novel, understanding Hugo's message, its relevance in the 21st century up to personal and collective actions. This wiki page is to collect a list of TODO items so that interested members can participate and take action by picking up any item according to the aspects of the project they are most interested in.

The novel and Hugo

The commentaries on each chapter can all be considered as work in progress. Obscure references can be better researched and explained; Hugo's intentions better documented; the 19th century context better presented; etc. We try to integrate into each chapter a list of research item related to that chapter. Take up any challenge that picks up your interest and feel free to edit any wiki page.

We also need you help to complete the comparative table of translations.

The 21st century issues

Each chapter is linked to specific progressive, humanist issues, the very same issues that Hugo expands upon throughout his novel and that are still relevant today. It is up to the whole community to pick up the challenge to documenting current issues so that we have a knowledge base that any one can use to educate other people.

Simply select an issue that is close to your heart and start adding relevant information into the wiki. If you do not know where to start, you can always contact augustin and coordinate efforts with him.


Properly documenting the issues (as described above) is the first step in activism. However, beyond that, we also would like to propose a list of actionable items so that interested people can take action, either individually or collectively.

If you know of good, actionable items on any issue close to your heart, simply add them in the appropriate place in the wiki. You can coordinate efforts with augustin, especially if you do not know where to add the information.

For example:

During the spring/summer 2013, we will start using the sincerity index to promote a better, more honest political debate.

Working together

By working together, we can build an important reference on the web regarding both Les Misérables and today's world. Hopefully, together, we can inspire a growing community to create the world of our dreams.