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The web site minguo.info is still being actively developed. The user interface leaves a lot to be desired in many places. Existing features need to be improved and new features are also planned, etc.

This page aims to answer commonly asked questions about the future development of this web site and its roadmap.

Incremental improvements

Ranked ballot: in order to complement our lineup of election methods available in this site, we plan to implement a ranked ballot.

Other: this list is far from being exhaustive. Many other features are also planned, some minor, some much less so.

Requests: to request specific features, you can add options to the following poll and vote: What improvement would you like for this site?. You can also ask questions and post your thoughts on a new opinion post attached to that poll.

Long term development

There is a long term plan to create a brand new web site from scratch. All the existing content will be migrated to the new system, and the existing features will be kept but the software itself will be a completely new one.

Why? The core software running this web site leaves a lot to be desired, especially in terms of performance. As the minguo community grows, performance will become a bigger and bigger issue. We are not waiting until that time to figure out what to do. We are planning way ahead of time. Thus, we have already started a long term plan to develop a completely new software for this web site. There are two main considerations that are constantly at the fore-front as we build this new software from the ground up: performance and usability.

When? As said, this is a long term plan. Development has already started but there is a lot to do. We hope that this ambitious project will be ready to be unveiled within 2~3 years from now. Until then, we still actively maintain the current framework and we are working on the incremental improvements listed above.


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