Creating a poll and adding options to a poll

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wiki-style polls

Polls here are all "wiki-style polls". It means that the content of polls are not dictated by a single user. For most polls, any member of this web site can add more options. The poll creator may not have thought about all the best answers to add to a poll. You can add whatever answer you'd like best given the poll question. Also, the poll summary works as a wiki. You can edit the poll description to summarize the policy discussion held in the comments, so as to better inform voters.

Creating a poll

Any registered member can generally create a poll on any topic. To do so, follow the link on the left: "Create content" > add "Poll".

In the "titlle" field, put the question you want to ask.

In the "body" field, you can explain what motivates the creation of the poll, give some general context and provide instruction on voting. Note that every poll is owned by the community, so other members might update this when appropriate.

Then select the appropriate poll settings:

- Select the voting method. If you select "Score Voting", you will need at a later stage to input the actual range (e.g. 0~10) for the poll. You will be prompted to do so after the new poll has been submitted.

- If the poll is open, anonymous visitors can vote, but the poll results cannot be used in our Community Manifesto. For that, we need a poll that is restricted to registered members.

- Proxy settings: you must select "Voting by proxy is disallowed". Further work must be done and, more importantly, the community should discuss the proper use of proxy voting before we can use this feature. So, for now, proxy voting should be disallowed.

Now, you are ready to submit your new poll. Note that the poll options will be added in the next stage.

Adding options to the poll

Right after you have submitted your new poll, you are ready to add new options (candidates) to the poll. You can do so by opening the "Add new option" fieldset. If there are any typos in any of the existing option or any duplicates, ask augustin to fix them for you.

Generally speaking every registered member can add new options or new candidates to almost any poll (only a handful of polls are 'locked' and no new options can be added). New options can even be added after polling has started. This is an important feature for this community. Indeed, most of the polls here concern policies and the poll creator may not think about all the options the voters would like included. As the discussion progresses, new, better alternatives might come up and they can be added any time. Thus, a poll is not limited to whatever options the poll creator could think of at the start. Minguo polls are fully a community feature.

Poll activation: For the time being, you must wait until augustin activates the poll before anybody can actually cast a ballot. See this comment for details.


Beware! The Community Manifesto might have specific policies about new and existing polls: