How to organize the content? Where to post?

This is a collectively editable wiki page. Be bold and improve it by adding any relevant information you may have.

One objective of this site is to organize the content as well as we can so that current and future readers/members can more easily find the content they are interested in and comment upon it.

Make sure to post your new blog entries in the appropriate place. Comments or content posted in the wrong place may be deleted.

When you create a new blog entry, you have the opportunity to create "general topics" tags: make sure to only create generic ones that can be reused by other users so that related posts are conveniently grouped together. Inappropriate tags may be deleted by the moderators.

Do not cram many topics in on single blog post. Try to create on post per topic. When you cram many questions and many topics into one blog entry, it is difficult to keep the discussion focussed on one topic, and the discussion thread is less interesting to follow for future readers and future members.