SMART election promises

The SMART standard for election promises. In business, the SMART acronym stands for elements outlining the scope of a project. In politics, it could be adapted to provide information to the voters. Ideally limited to one hundred words or less.

For example:
Specific - means pointing at a desirable outcome - ie: build a wall in a certain place.
Measurable - means you will be able to tell when it’s done - ie: how long, wide and tall is it.
Achievable - show that resources are available - ie: there is enough time, people and bricks.
Realistic - show that the cost is acceptable and manageable - ie: the money (say $100 Billion) is there to do it.
Timely - identifying when it will be done, ideally in time to be worth doing - ie: by end of 2042.

The party may wish to provide additional details of how they see it getting done. That’s part of a “convince me” election campaign.

I would be very happy to look at the issues and vote on a set of promises made like that.