Thoughts on Protecting My Work

The purpose of a copyright is to encourage and protect authors and inventors. It is a powerful and important tool. I do not, however, wish to avail myself of this protection.

I'm grateful to Minguo for offering me the opportunity to express thoughts I think important. Thoughts are not owned. They are malleable little balloon-like things that bounce off people, sometimes adjusting their shape as they go. They are the essence of freedom -- and they never explode because someone disagrees with them -- they only shatter on the jagged points of reality.

If anyone wants to use the material I present here, I hope they will, without worrying about attribution. They don't honor me by using my name, they honor me by applying my thoughts. It's the thoughts that are important and, in a few years, I won't care who uses them. I can only hope they will be used to help create a better society.

I place the material I contribute here in the public domain. Please use it as you see fit, with or without attribution.