Thoughts on Inflation

It is amazing how openly our government exploits our people for the benefit of mega-companies. The repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, and the extension of so-called Intellectual Property Laws that enable corporations (which have no intellect) to impose a perpetual tax on the people by overpricing products long after the producers have recovered the cost and a decent profit for developing those products, are but two examples of the victimization of the American people for the benefit of corporate giants.

Another, even more outrageous example is the continuing efforts of the Federal Reserve Board to systematically steal from the people. The Federal Reserve Board target of 2% inflation is criminal because it constitutes a perpetual tax on the people that only benefits the gigantic corporations that are sucking us dry. Inflation is always at the expense of the poor whose meager assets dwindle over time, for the benefit of the rich, whose real and fixed assets are swollen by inflation and grow with each passing day.

Big businesses are the only beneficiaries of inflation. The evils are reserved for those at the lowest end of the economic ladder. Inflation is a perpetual tax on the people. It only benefits those who take in current dollars and pay out future (inflated) dollars, like banks and insurance companies, and those who exploit non-renewable resources like real estate and oil.

The Federal Reserve Board wants the people to bear 2% inflation, and tells us this is healthy and normal. Why does no one talk about the burden this places on the people - ALL THE PEOPLE - who must bear this persistent increase in their cost of living? What benefit do we - the people - gain from inflation.


In addition to raising the costs we must pay, inflation bloats companies until the government deems them "Too Big To Fail" and uses the people's money to bail them out when their excesses jeopardize the world economy. This is only a tiny fraction of the economic repression of the masses that our government has institutionalized to a point which not even Lenin could have foreseen.

The more unscrupulous a business is, the more "pricing power" it has. The evils of inflation are reserved for those at the lowest end of the economic ladder. Humans never have "pricing power". The only constant is that the people lose; they endure deadly inflation that sucks their economic blood,

When I was a kid, we paid 5 cents for a cup of coffee, a penny for a stick of candy, and haircuts were a quarter. Those days are long gone, not because the costs have increased but because the government has used inflation to create an illusion of prosperity by helping to build multi-national monstrosities..

We're told a 2% inflation rate is healthy. That's poppycock. Since inflation compounds, it is devastating for the humans among us. With a 2% inflation rate, a dollar we have today will only be worth about 81.71 cents in ten years - the other 18.29 cents will have been given to corporate giants.

We have become so accustomed to inflation we don't even question it any more. The tragedy is that there's an easy way to prevent it that has several good side effects, like breaking up companies that are Too Big To Fail and increasing business competition - the only leavening force in a capitalist system. Sadly, I'm not finding anyone willing to endorse the method or explain why we should not demand its immediate imposition.