If America's government collapses, what will replace it?

That's a wonderful question. Unfortunately, I don't have the answer. My guess is that the replacement will be very unsatisfactory for the simple reason that we are not thinking carefully about alternatives.

Before the American Revolution, the people in the towns formed Committees of Correspondence that identified the evils the people were subjected to and co-ordinated a common response. Now, even with all the advances in communications we've realized in the intervening years, we have nothing like that.

Oh, we have plenty of groups on the internet, each proclaiming the rectitude of their answer to our political problems, but it's all noise and bluster. There's no focus. Taking sides and spewing hatred is not going to solve the problem.

We must define the problem before we can correct it. Since our current problem is the government, itself, we must start by recognizing that government cannot be better than the people who man it.

The people we allowed to take public office created a corrupt system that allows the devastation of our environment, the plundering of our natural resources, the growth of monstrosities they call "Too Big To Fail", and the impoverishment of our people. It should be obvious, even to the most obtuse, that there's a flaw in the way these people are chosen.

If we want a better government, we must select and elect better people to run it. If we don't devise a way to do that before the current government collapses, we'll endure havoc.

I'm ready to work with any open-minded person who is willing to consider ideas that are necessarily different than what we're used to.