Draft articles and ongoing discussion

The pages below are mere drafts and unfinished articles, where I gather my own thoughts related to ongoing discussion.

Read at your own risks!

About debates and discussion

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Beware how you use the verb 'to be'

This page is a public draft.... Right now, it's only a collection of disjointed points that I wish to expand on later.

- state vs action
- Chinese
- ad hominem
- attack human dignity
- oversimplify complexity of human psychology
- use in positive or uncontroversial statements.
- use with historical figures (napoleon despot)
- use with living people, in derogative sense.

Hierarchy of solutions

This is a draft article.

For want of a better term: Hierarchy of solutions.

From worst to best:
- fight/criticize people who do wrong.
- fight/criticize what is wrong.
- expose/point out wrong ideas.
- talk about the problem in order to seek a solution
- talk about/propose/promote solutions.
- support people who propose solutions.
- actively be part of the solution.

I also tell people:
- Understand the problem.
- Understand the solution
- Make small changes in one's life
- Tell people.

Election methods

Election method: one of the most fundamental issues

The election method used in our public elections is one of the most fundamental issues of our society and affect the very nature of our democracies.

Our elected representatives have tremendous power over us and over our whole society. It is their job to make the laws that govern us. As long as we use an election method that favour party politics, and that make it easy for media and special interests (which are not working for the Common Good) to control the outcome of the election, we will be facing an uphill battle trying to work on the issues that we truly care about: personal liberties, environment protection, economic justice, etc.

There are many good politicians out there, who would receive the support of the electorate. The problem is that the system is rigged against them.

Law making: the Intent of a Law

Coming soon...

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The principle of subsidiarity

These pages are mere drafts and unfinished articles, where I gather my own thoughts related to ongoing discussion.
Read at your own risks!

The world today is caught between two contradictory movements: one for more globalisation, trade agreements, world government often decried as a New World order, and a movement in the opposite direction which calls for independence, dividing countries into smaller ones, etc.

Those two movements can be justified. We live on a shrinking planet with limited resources that we must share, and in many ways we have no other choice than to learn how to live peacefully together. On the other hand, people crave for peace, security and freedom, things many feel they can only have with self-governance.

It is important to understand the principle of subsidiarity, whereby we must strive to find the right level of governance for each topic or policy item.