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This is a collectively editable wiki page. Be bold and improve it by adding any relevant information you may have.

Minguo community

The organisation of this web site, its content and its regulations are community-driven. Any interested person can register and participate.


Any specific regulation will be listed here, as and when they have been decided by the current members.


Check our Help! section for anything related to technical problems, site organization, etc. There is also a link to a blog entry where you can request direct assistance.

The measure of success

The host of this web site explains the measure of success for this community: what matters is not how many we are, but what we can achieve together.


We have a collective To Do list. We work together to create the best site and the best series of wiki articles on topics that matter to us.

The web site

Regarding site and community organization, you might want to check the web site development roadmap and also this poll: What improvement would you like for this site?

The Help section has a lot more information about this web site and how to use it, as well as a listing of all the community projects hosted here:



The host in enforcing a very strict anti-spam regulation. Any individual, whether a human or a robot, who joins for the sole purpose of promoting a third party web site will be blocked and their content deleted. The host will similarly deal with individuals who join with malevolent intent.

Are not affected the people who merely have different opinions from that of the host. All opinions and point of views are welcome to the extent that the different parties remain civil while debating the issues.

Community regulations

This is a collectively editable wiki page. Be bold and improve it by adding any relevant information you may have.

Besides the common sense regulations imposed by the host, all aspects of the community life will be directed by its members, according to regulations and procedures that may be agreed upon using this site's polling features.

Promoting en.minguo.info

This is a collectively editable wiki page. Be bold and improve it by adding any relevant information you may have.

Table of Contents 


Make the world a better place
Image created by Panoramics


See images created by Panoramics:


During our marketing efforts, we aim to attract the type of people who fit the following profile:
- are interested in the core topics developed at Minguo: democracy, healthy political debate with focus on electoral reform, election methods and discussion on policies.
- are distraught by the current political climate and who long for a better approach to discussing policies and the common good.
- are interested in making a difference through team work and collaboration,
- share the environmental and humanitarian concerns already widely shared by the current active membership.
- want to support third parties (NGOs, etc.) who already do some excellent work


Colors: http://hslpicker.com/ This tool is useful to choose colours, and to use in discussions when one wants to suggest a specific colour. Say you have a specific tint of green in mind, you can link to it: http://hslpicker.com/#3f9

https://www.gimp.org/ is an excellent Open Source image manipulation desktop software.

pixteller.com (US$9/month) and befunky.com (US$5/month) are commercial online services to create images. Panoramics used those services to create images above 1.


Images on the left column are usually 195px wide.
On a Linux system, one can resize the full scale image thus:

convert image.jpg -auto-orient -resize 195x image_195.jpg