Dispell fallacies in political discourse

Fighting and dispelling fallacies in political discourse is one major objective of this site. I do not wish for this web site to become yet another political forum where people are free to spew their falsehood and distorted logic.

Disagreement and differing opinions are very welcome. The goal is not to impose a certain ideology.

However, I would like to empower the members of this site to point out fallacies commonly found in political discourse. I would like the structure and organization of this web site to help bring out the best of political discourse, that is the best of what each individual has to offer, and the best of our collective endeavours.

To this end, I'd like the community to help establish a wiki page on each commonly found fallacy. We will create tags for each of those so that users can tag content where such fallacies are being discussed. I would like to empower the community to gently point out the fallacies found in the arguments of any member, so as to give it an opportunity to rephrase its arguments.

see: Spotlight on fallacies in political discourse