Condorcet and equal approval


The Condorcet system I am familiar with allow for ties between choices of preference.

For example, three choices A, B and C.

a valid ballot can be cast for A = B, which puts both of them 1 vote ahead of C.

that's the opposite of a single preference showing a vote for C, which puts C 1 vote ahead of both A and B.

These are both valid opinions and both should be permitted.

Here's a very old web page that allows Condorcet voting using ties:

I don't see any mention of this significant advantage of Condorcet in the elections methods education page.

Has this method been abandoned? For me, this is the way to allow voters to cast an exactly honest opinion.



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Regarding the "elections methods education page", do you mean the old one on the main site?
I am not the author of those article. They were reproduced there a very, very long time ago, with the help of the author, Michael Ossipoff. They were originally posted on another, now defunct web site.
The content does not engage the community here. I actually plan to move the articles there into a separate user book here, to better reflect the nature and origin of those articles.

We, as a community, can start documenting what we feel needs to be. Nothing has been abandoned. You can promote any methods or policy that please you best. Personally, I used to be a fan of Condorcet, but do not advocate it any more for at least one reason. I want a simple method that does not necessitate an electronic device to count the ballots. An election should be transparent and voters should have the opportunity to see the ballots being physically counted, by hand.

I am interested in what we could achieve together, supporting activists who advocate cleaner, better elections, etc.

Condorcet too complicated for public elections

I too have moved away from Condorcet, mostly for those same reasons. I have issues with Condorcet cycles and what it thinks is a fair tiebreak, but forget that. It is nice to know there is a system where voters could imitate approval or range or ranked ballots, to each his own. But counting it is ridiculously difficult. I prefer a simple ballot in elections where people visibly run the polling station, people visibly go to vote there, and people visibly count the ballots and then send the results up the line.