Thomas Paine - Agrarian Justice


I will be adding Thomas Paine's Agrarian Justice to my reading list since he also argued that humans collectively own the material world, declaring private property without consent from the majority is inhumane, and compensation for dispossession is necessary.

Thomas Paine was among the first to argue that a basic income should be introduced as a kind of compensation for dispossession. In his brilliant 1797 pamphlet Agrarian Justice, he pointed out that “the earth, in its natural, uncultivated state was, and ever would have continued to be, the common property of the human race”. It was unfair that a few should enclose it for their own benefit, leaving the vast majority without their rightful inheritance. As far as Paine was concerned, this violated the most basic principles of justice.



I'm very interested

I 100% agree with the Thomas Paine quote that you share. This is also one of the key elements of my own vision of a fair society. We already touched on this topic in one of your earlier blog entry.

Since you post this as part of the Public Policy project, I'd like to use this opportunity to start seriously working with you, to develop relevant areas of the wiki, to inform future visitors.

One of the major goals of this site is to find ways to work together so that collectively we make an actual difference in our society. You chose a very relevant quote, that has far-reaching implications.

I just created a new wiki page on Thomas Paine. It's quite empty for now, but we can work on improving it.

You also created the new tags for "Agrarian Justice" and "Property Rights" which do not currently have any wiki page related to them, although, I agree, they are important topics worth discussing.


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