Everybody Be Crazy


1) The USSR was not communist, but inverse-communist.

2) Western states are not democratic because Western states are designed to suppress majority rule.

3) Dorian-types don't care about White supremacy. They care about Dorian-type supremacy.

4) The West is not civilized and never has been. Western nations and city-states like Sparta, Rome, Nazi Germany, and the US do not qualify as civilized. They are inverse-civilized.

5) The aggressor cannot claim self-defence.



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Ok, I take the bait. What is your definition of "civilized"?
I may very well agree with you, but as we discussed earlier, the use of labels can obfuscate the real debate that is waiting to be had.


The term civilization can be confusing. Civilization can refer to all societal organization after the advent of agriculture. This is the broadest sense of the term. It would include everything from ancient Sumeria up until the present day. Civilization can be broken down into real civilization and inverse civilization. This is necessary otherwise you would have to treat Nazis as genuinely civilized people.

The best example of real civilization (that I know of) is the Indus Valley civilization: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7ndRwqJYDM
They were very clean and organized. There was no evidence of warfare. Evidence shows that the society was extremely egalitarian.

The social conditions of the citizens were comparable to those in Sumeria and superior to the contemporary Babylonians and Egyptians. These cities display a well-planned urbanization system.

via http://www.ancient.eu/Indus_Valley_Civilization/

The Indus Valley civilization typifies what it means to be truly civilized.

Inverse civilization is all fake. It depends on slave-making, endless poverty, hypocritical elitism, and endless warfare. All of Western "civilization" falls under the category of inverse civilization. Sparta, Athens, Rome, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, the colonial empires of Europe, the US, etc. are/were all inverse-civilized. One just has to look at the amount of innocent blood spilled to know whether a society is truly civilized or inverse-civilized.


You use terms in ways that is not commonly understood. There is nothing wrong with that, but be ready to explain what you mean by them. I agree with you on the negative attributes of what you call inverse civilization.