Daddy's Propaganda Attempt Foiled!

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This video is additionally nice because the children interrupt daddy's attempt at brainwashing the general public into thinking that Western and Westernized states like South Korea are actually democratic. Democracy means majority rule has highest say.

People like professor Kelly despise majority rule and true democracy, and, thus, need to brainwash people into thinking we already have majority rule which is a complete lie and he knows it.

It's the same bullshit over and over again from the exact same people: the West is democratic, the USSR was communist, the West needs to invade to spread "democracy" and protect people, and on and on.


I saw the video

I saw the video in the French media just before you posted your blog. My problem with that is that the video was shared for the wrong reasons. OK, young children interrupting a live interview is cute, but is it so newsworthy that the video goes viral in every country around the globe? We, as a society, have a warped sense of priorities!

What concrete steps can we do today to improve our global society?

Steps to improving society

In my mind, every time people are genuinely honest about major truths, a step is being taken in the right direction. For example, even discussing that democracy is majority rule and that Western states are not democratic is movement in the right direction. Establishing facts and proper terminology is really important.

The Washington Post is trying to brainwash people into thinking that the US is a democracy, which is a blatant lie. They have a quote on their website: "Democracy Dies in Darkness". They are trying to pass the US off as a democracy which they know is not true.

Raising public awareness that democracy is majority rule is a step toward a better global society. Persistence is key, in my opinion.

I agree

Raising public awareness and persistence!

I am progressively improving the various wiki articles related to democracy.
#13681: Document the role of political parties
#14286: Wiki: Representative democracy

If we can produce informative articles, people will be inspired to join our quest for a better society.