World Refugee Day


This World Refugee Day, Remember Women and Girls

June 20 is World Refugee Day, a day on which we celebrate the strength and resilience of refugees. It is also a day we raise awareness about the current refugee crisis with 21.3 million refugees worldwide, more than at any time since World War II.

All refugees are vulnerable to abuse and deserve a safe space, but women and girl refugees are twice as vulnerable to violence and exploitation simply because of their gender.


Why welcoming more refugees makes economic sense for Europe

“Most data shows the economic impact is generally positive,” agrees Betts, especially when immigrants are well educated, as most Syrians are. “Unlike ordinary migrants, refugees didn’t choose to come,” says Betts, potentially making their impact slightly different.. But that means they will go home if they can, or if not, adapt like other migrants.






Thanks for this sampling. It is very heart-warming to see so many people who do their best to be part of the solution. Our wiki page on refugees was only one line long. I've added a few links to it. The important is to emphasize the solutions and the actors of the solutions.

Happy to help :)

together, we can!

As you know, we are only two active members at this stage. What differenciates this site over other web sites, is the organizational strategy, which I have been sharing with you. Eventually, other people will understand the potential and value of such a strategy.

The question now is: how can we, you and me, utilize the resources already available here, to contribute something positive and constructive to the global Human Rights movement?

Solid Foundation for Branching Out


I find this site very useful. I like the organization and the distinction between blog and book. This site makes it way easier to get one's point across. Too many online debates are limited by how little text space is allowed (e.g. Twitter). Using Twitter without being able to link to this site would be a huge headache. This site is great for more in-depth arguments and analyses and to help combat fallacies and specious arguments.



Question: How active are the French and Chinese versions of this site?

There are a lot of individuals in society who are lost and confused. The amount of information bombarded at people by different media outlets can obfuscate more important truths. This site can help guide people even if they just come to read the content without actively contributing.

Advertising and SEO

I'm thinking of using Twitter Ads to help advertise for this site as well as designing business cards to help draw people to this site, if you are okay with that. It's an efficient way to get people in my community to understand my viewpoints.

Question: Do you already practice search engine optimization?


I acknowledge the importance of Christ consciousness, but I don't agree with conflating Christ consciousness with Source consciousness. There is a growing body of people who no longer see Christ consciousness as equivalent to Source consciousness and are growing disillusioned by the ineffectiveness of Christianity to solve world problems. I use the term Fernology for my set of spiritual teachings which can be validated through science and personal experience. I'm hoping to use this site to reach communities that have lost connection to fuller spirituality.


There are multiple avenues of cooperation with NGOs and IGOs that can be utilized:
-cooperating with MSF, the International Red Cross, the UN, and Amnesty International for helping refugees, upholding Palestinian rights, and tackling humanitarian crises like the one faced by Yemenis
-cooperating with Greenpeace for environmental concerns
-cooperating with BIEN and other basic income advocacy groups for basic income

I appreciate

Panoramics, I am very appreciative of your positive, constructive approach. There is a lot to say and do in reply to your comment above. I'm not going to try to cram everything in the present thread, which is about "World Refugee Day". Nor can I reply to everything in one day. So what I am gonna do is create a series of new TODO tickets here and keep them as reminder until I find time to deal with each item separately.

The French and Chinese versions of this site are not active. It's not so much my role to promote this site elsewhere but more to ensure that whatever happens here is constructive and amounts to something meaningful over time.


Attacks against refugees in Sweden