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[Colbert, Gregory. "Boy Reading to Elephant, Mexico City." Series: Ashes and Snow, Photograph, The Nomadic Museum, Mexico City.]

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[Image still. Sabu: The Elephant Boy. Directed by Gina Marsh, Bandung Productions, 1993.]

[Brookshaw, Gary. "Elephant Fun!" 500px.]

[Drysdale, John. "Mon Ami."]


I like it! :)

Palestine in Pictures: June 2017



Palestine in Pictures: June 2017

A newborn is seen inside an incubator at the neonatal intensive care unit at al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City, 27 June. The Gaza health ministry accused the Palestinian Authority of blocking patients in the coastal territory from receiving urgently needed treatment in Israel, causing the deaths of two newborns.

A grocery store is illuminated with an LED light during an electricity cut in Gaza City, 1 June.

A protester waves the Palestinian flag during confrontations with Israeli forces following a demonstration against the siege near the boundary fence, east of Jabaliya refugee camp, 7 June.

Palestinian women mourn during the funeral of Fadi al-Najjar, killed by Israeli soldiers during a protest along the Gaza boundary fence in Khan Younis, 7 June.

Palestinians take a ride at an amusement park on the third day of the Eid al-Fitr holiday which marks the end of Ramadan, Gaza City, 27 June.

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Morning Mood

Edvard Grieg - Morning Mood

[Images: Augustin in the morning covered in dew]

Augustin's morning shots

Augustin's morning shots are pretty popular on Imgur:

Animal Photobombs

The Plight of Refugee Children


When you're a baby hippopotamus

Guinea pig in medieval armour