French comedian Nicolas Bedos within rights to describe Marine Le Pen as a 'fascist bitch'


Richard B. Spencer and the altright are literally calling for a second Holocaust where Jews, Muslims, and all opponents of Nazism get targeted for extermination. Calling Richard B. Spencer an asshole is an understatement.

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The comedian, Nicolas Bedos, used the term "fascist bitch" to describe Marine Le Pen in a column he penned for the Marianne magazine in January 2012.

Le Pen took the matter to court, but was told on Wednesday by a Paris appeals court that Bedos was perfectly within his rights to use the term.

The magazine's editor, Maurice Szafran, was also acquitted.

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Marine Le Pen is a Dorian-type which means she is pathologically fascist. Calling her a bitch is an understatement.

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When we see or hear evil we have a moral imperative to call it out. Otherwise evil seeps into our narrative, our media, our politics and our lives. The words uttered by Marine Le Pen – France’s presidential candidate on the eve of one of the most important elections in Europe – insisting that colonialism was a positive thing, are so fundamentally wrong. To then further precise that in Algeria in particular it was beneficial is an incitement to hatred, a blatant lie and the worst form of fascism that we now face in Europe.

The actual denial of France’s painful history in Algeria goes even beyond the amnesia of British colonialism. For young French people who are denied the truth about their past, actively lied to, this is a crime. And it is particularly so for the descendants of the Algerians in France, including for the pied noir families, who were all victim to this cruel and barbaric regime which ran for 132 years until 1962.

In the May 1945 uprisings following the Second World War, when Algerians who had fought to liberate Europe demanded their basic human rights, the colonial government brutally massacred 15,000 Algerians. 104 Europeans lost their lives. Wiping out entire villages, throwing people out of airplanes in a campaign of fear and brutal repression, the French violence was a turning point in the Algerian struggle for civil rights and justice.

Between 1954 and 1962 over one million Algerians were killed during the war of liberation. The extent of cruelty defies belief. Whether reading Alistair Horne’s seminal A savage war of peace on the sheer barbarism, Henri Alleg’s The Question on the institutional torture centres (he saw the internal workings from painfully close up) or listening to the stories of the descendants who saw their parents brutally murdered, disappeared, tortured at the hands of – no other than – the likes of Jean Marie Le Pen. Like his daughter, Le Pen was a French Presidential candidate, and is a man known to have committed torture in Algeria.

Colonial Algeria was a crime against humanity - from its bloody initial conquest to its brutal end. It is a crime which Algerians – astonishingly – have somehow been able to overcome. When the French left in 1962 there was one university in the country - one in which you would not find Algerians. Today there are 48 vibrant institutions, full of students with whom I have had many interesting debates in recent years.

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'Twerp' is an understatement.

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Suzuki, a zoologist and serious environmentalist, knows what actions need to be taken to meet climate change targets. Trudeau is working his hardest to undermine environmental efforts by supporting multiple pipeline projects, expansion of the tar sands, and by pretending to be an environmentalist which distracts from the work of real environmentalists. Trudeau wanted Suzuki to give him an endorsement, then got angry when Suzuki responded with hard facts.

“I said, ‘Justin, stop it, you’re just being political, you just want to make headway in Alberta,’” Suzuki says he told Trudeau. “You’re for the development of the tar sands, you’re for the Keystone pipeline, but you’re against the Northern Gateway, you’re all over the damn map!”

Suzuki went on to advise Trudeau that taking the target of a two-degree rise in temperature seriously means 80 per cent of the oil sands has to stay in the ground. Suzuki believes stopping oil sands development will mean “no debate about pipelines or expanding railways or shipping stuff offshore—none of that comes into it.”

Suzuki says this is when the exchange turned nasty. “He said, ‘I don’t have to listen to this sanctimonious crap.’ I proceeded to call him a twerp.”1

Calling Trudeau a twerp is an understatement.

Political discourse

While on the underlying issues we agree with each other, some elements of your discourse go against what I am trying to build here. Importantly, I feel it is counter-productive if we have for goal to eventually achieve something meaningful in terms of humanitarian or environmental issues, or justice, democracy...

I'll continue developing the Political Discourse project and also write up about my own thoughts on the matter.

Nicolas Bedos is funny, and I remember an epic face-to-face meeting between Bedos and Marine Le Pen, but I can't take much of his acerbic brand of humour. I personally much prefer his father, Guy Bedos, whose humour and political engagement is less aggressive.

About Le Pen: the world does not need me to voice what I think of her. I don't feel the need to label her. I'd gladly discuss in depth any of her policies, though.

I can't speak much about Trudeau. Obviously, you know him better than I do. But again: context is everything. If I were Canadian and about to vote in an election where Trudeau is a candidate, then it'd be fully appropriate for you to write: "I mistrust Trudeau because on several occasions he made statements that such and such...". But in the context of this web site, and the groundwork of the movement that we are (I am) trying to build here, I find it much more constructive and productive to focus on the issues rather than on the people.


I disagree with false labels and categorizations, but accurate labels and categorizations are just proper terminology. Spencer and Le Pen are definitely Dorian-types. Trudeau meets the behavioural criteria distinguishing an Athenian-style slave-maker.

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