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I created this image to be used in advertising campaigns for this site. I can change the design based on feedback.

Full image: http://i.imgur.com/GcqcpML.jpg

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Very beautiful design

I like it and I am very honoured.

- I hope there won't be any copyright issues on the globe picture.

- Possibly, I'd add something like " ✓ Make the world a better place" in the lower right square ?? The message would actually fit the globe image.
I'd have them ordered from the most generic to the most specific:
1) Make the world a better place.
2) Work on community projects.
3) Vote on community polls.
But then, space is also an issue. What do you think?

- Instead of "Politics", put "Politics & policies". As you know, I want to fight against dirty politics, playing politics (what we call in French: la politique politicienne), but promote a healthy discussion focussed on policies.

You can make this blog entry part of the Minguo Community project.

Since you are talking about promotion for this web site, I'd like you to understand (maybe revisit; I don't know if you already saw it) the point I was making here:
Always keep in mind the main points of this article. It is one of the key elements of my objectives.


Here is a link to the original globe image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sagabardon/2246600123
Here is a link to usage rights for the image: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/

The image is licensed for non-commercial (not-for-profit) reuse so it should be okay.

Here is a revision. Tell me what you think:

Make the world a better place

The phrase "Make the world a better place" may replace the "Free registration" right in the middle of the picture. Thus the four squares turn around this central theme: do something good.

Also, the EN.MINGUO.INFO may not easily be understood as an URL. It's simply the name of the site, which lacks a better name. You may leave EN.MINGUO.INFO as it is, but I'd add in a smaller rectangle at the bottom center of the picture with the full address with the 'http': http://en.minguo.info/ so that it's easily understood that's where people need to go to take part in the project.

New Revision

Share your vision

Excellent! Thanks a lot.
I like your addition of "Share your vision" which is, as you know, a critical part of what we do here.
Nice use of different fonts.
Nice re-use of the favicon theme (checkbox) that you had me add to the site, a while ago. :)
Thanks also for clarifying image licensing issues.






That is impressive work. It's beautiful and it's potent.

Thank You, very much

Fred Gohlke




I'm going to try to make at least three different ads before I start using them. This is two of three:

The image is free from Pexels.com (https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-gather-hand-and-foot-in-center-53958/). (By the way, I'm using Pixteller.com to design these if anybody is curious.)


Authoritative wiki pages

Another very nice design! Thanks!

The phrase "Help create a series of authoritative wiki pages" does not fit here. The idea is very important for this community. If we join forces and manage to create wiki articles that people find useful and informative enough that they spontaneously link to them and refer to them, then we will have reached a point where the community growth will be self-sustained. It will be an important milestone for us because we'd have reached a membership level that would allow us to truly make a difference. So creating those authoritative wiki articles is an important strategic goal for this community.

However, people will not be motivated to join in order to write wiki articles. I like the principle of wikis because it's tantamount to joining forces towards a common goal, joining forces to make a difference.

Thus we could replace the phrase "Help create a series of authoritative wiki pages" with "Join forces to make a difference", which, strategically speaking, really means the same. However, the new statement would be partly redundant with the previous one: "Make a difference through community projects". I'd like to have the phrase "join forces" somewhere, though, because it really is a critical aspect and it will attract the right kind of people; those who understand team work and collaboration.

I'm not sure but maybe the last two statements could read:
- Participate in community projects.
- Join forces to make a difference.
I am not sure.... What do you think? I'm sure we could find something even better...

Meaningful success

In addition to the above, I am fully aware of where the phrase "Help create a series of authoritative wiki pages" come from, and I appreciate the gesture a lot! ;D

Other causes

Since you started this thread, I keep thinking we should use your design talents to promote other causes, those we both care about. Promoting minguo is evidently necessary, but from my perspective it's seems a bit self-serving and it's somewhat embarassing. I am very, very appreciative of your efforts, though. But later, we could join our heads and create similar images to promote the values and ideas we've been sharing here. That may be an answer to the question: #16321: What can Minguo bring to NGOs?.

attracting the right kind of people

I have no background in marketing, but we all know what advertising and marketing campaigns are all targetted at specific audiences.

As a preliminary, we should brainstorm what kind of people we want to attract.
See: http://en.minguo.info/wiki/promoting_enminguoinfo

During our marketing efforts, we aim to attract the type of people who fit the following profile:
- are interested in the core topics developed at Minguo: democracy, healthy political debate with focus on electoral reform, election methods and discussion on policies.
- are distraught by the current political climate and who long for a better approach to discussing policies and the common good.
- are interested in making a difference through team work and collaboration,
- share the environmental and humanitarian concerns already widely shared by the current active membership.
- want to support third parties (NGOs, etc.) who already do some excellent work

Target Audience

Augustin, I remember you ran the Bring Girl's Back Campaign. Some of the people who followed the campaign were fake humanitarians who wanted to exploit the tragedy to call for further military intervention which would only do more harm to the most vulnerable groups already being victimized. However, some of the people who followed the campaign had genuine humanitarian interests and fit the criteria of people we want to attract to this website. I think a good way to test the effectiveness of my poster would be to tweet the image on the Bring Girl's Back account with a link to this website.

It would be a good way to select for genuine humanitarians.

BBOG campaign

I did not run the BringBackOurGirls campaign. The heart of the campaign was within Nigeria itself. However, yes, I did invest months of my life, full time, trying to make a difference within that campaign, and I ran a related popular twitter channel. At the height of the campaign, I was only sleeping 3~4 hours a day. I am very bitter about that campaign, because the suffering of completely innocent young girls was very real, and, despite my best efforts, I feel that I failed to make a real difference. First of all, Twitter was the wrong tool for it. Twitter activism is an oxymoron. That's why I am committed to build a better tool here.

On ethical grounds, I cannot release the picture on my BBOG channel. Anyway, I don't use twitter anymore: I dispise the platform too much. But please do tweet it, if you feel it might help.

If we do something good here, we'll eventually attract the right kind of people. Other people will exclude themselves by not joining or by leaving the site. We have limited resources, but let's make the most of it, slowly building something meaningful over time.

2/3 Revision, 3/3


Thanks a lot.


Thank you for all your helpful feedback. Please accept this tiny gummy bear as a token of my appreciation.

via @FoodsTiny


Although I am dieting, I gratefully accept your tiny gummy bear. Its calorie count should fit within my dietary parameters...
Thanks again for everything. :D

Skycraper Banner

Hi Augustin, I just noticed that my poster is bleeding off the sidebar:

Here is a skyscraper version of the banner:

Full image: http://i.imgur.com/YuqSmdf.jpg

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