Do The Hustle!

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Elena Melnik in ‘Butoh’ by Ishi for Vogue Netherlands, May 2015


Bust A Move!

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The Hustle: A Step-By-Step Dance Guide

"It's a Hustle!"


Naomi Campbell (Great model, not-so-great personality!)

Naomi Campbell runway compilation:

Do the Hustle!

Van McCoy - The Hustle (1975)

Let's dance!

This is how I picture Augustin dances:


It's not far off the mark!

I sometimes put some loud disco music in my classroom and dance in a silly fashion (not unlike your gif) in front of my students: it amuses and relaxes them. :D


But, Augustin, how are you able to teach a class when you are actually just a ladybug?


We Are All Homo Sapiens

Physical race is not nearly as important as human personality. All humans today are Homo sapiens. People of different physical races are capable of having viable offspring with each other. In comparison, there are three species of elephant incapable of producing viable offspring with each other.1 Additionally, the boundaries of physical race are ill-defined.

Consciousness requires a material medium such as the human mind to manifest through and is selected for by evolution through natural selection. There are five main types of intrinsic consciousness.2 Source consciousness (altruism), inverse-Source consciousness (evil), and Lucifer's realm (left-brain aptitude) all play intrinsic roles in shaping human personality.

Dancing with the Stars - Alfonso Ribeiro & Witney Carson

It's Not Unusual