PoMo Study notes 1


PoMo = Postmodernism - the Hip Slang version

So I have started to wade into the question: "what is postmodernism" and "how does postmodernist thought impact democratic institutions". Wanted to start by testing the water with only my big toe and was immediately sucked in over my head. But thus begins the first lesson - - - - -

I will begin by expressing a concern about my own objectivity. I have noticed that all of the links that I have explored so far express what seem to be uncomplimentary and negative opinions of postmodernism. (I will provide some of these links below so those interested can form their own opinions.) So the question arises; am I biasing my searches by the search terms I use? "What is postmodernism", "define postmodern" and "How understand postmodern" all seem like innocent enough queries but the search results seemed to be biased toward 'uncomplimentary assessments'. Why?

Postmodernism seems to be a philosophical framework that attempts to challenge the value of reason, logic. the Enlightenment and modernist thought including liberal democracy. It seems to be a nihilist philosophy that devalues all elements of western civilization. Postmodernism is having a profound impact on most aspects of western culture; art, architecture, literature and the social sciences including politics. At the the moment postmodernism seems to hold less sway in philosophy, science and engineering but assaults on these frontiers also seem to be emerging on the periphery.

Following are 3 videos that I have started to wade through to understand this thing called postmodernism. The first is by Steven Hicks who attemts to place postmodernism in a historical context: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhK6XOT3uAA&t=47s

The second is a delightful conversation between Jordan Peterson and Camille Paglia. I happen to adore commentaries by Camille Paglia even though I come from a much different portion of the political spectrum. This video was just fun to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-hIVnmUdXM&t=5s

Finally, this last video is a straight forward philosophy lecture on postmodernism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we6cwmzhbBE&t=639s

Enough for now.



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You mentionned postmodernism before, and I was looking forward to reading more about the topic. I am happy you posted the above introduction. I don't know anything about postmodernism and I'm eager to see where it leads us, especially with regard to the impact on our democratic institutions.

I've started viewing the videos you shared. I'll comment on them one I've viewed more.

I checked the wikipedia article on Camille Paglia, and I find it interesting that she is a libertarian who voted for both Green party candidates and Democrat candidates. I do not necessarily view this as a contradiction, especially that I would also view myself as a libertarian who would vote Green Party / Democrat if I were American.

On a technical note:
- I am adding a few appropriate tags to your post.
- Is the timestamp (&t=5s...) appended to the youtube links voluntary? If not, you may edit them out.
- Could you edit the blog to have a more descriptive title than simply "study notes", maybe by simply adding a reference to postmodernims?

I'll comment more as I view more of the videos.

Commentary/suggestions response

Thank you 'augustin' for your comments and suggestions. I do look forward to hearing more about your engagement with PoMo (postmodernism) particularly as it relates to the current trajectory of civil discourse.

I am uncertain as to why you find the voting pattern of Ms. Paglia to be "interesting". I am most interested in having a better understanding of the thought you intend to convey when you say "I do not necessarily view this as a contradiction . . . ". I lack the context to understand why voting for candidates from different nominal 'parties' would imply a contradiction at all.

Thank you for the technical comments. To my detriment, I am not technically savvy and prefer not to invest effort at this time to achieve a higher level of proficiency. If my lack of technical proficiency interferes with my participation at your site, please advise. I have no desire to stifle the enjoyment of other participants. Your addition of 'tags' is much appreciated. I will attempt to edit time-stamps in future links. I have attempted to clarify the title of my blog entry.