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A comment responding to an earlier blog entry asked, "What in our current society leaves you the most dissatisfied?" I responded, "The quality of discourse/debate." i will expand on that response in this blog entry.

I am: male, white, Irish/German heritage, imbued with Christian/Protestant values from childhood, 72 years of age. These are incontrovertible primary facts of my identity.

I am: heterosexual, agnostic, citizen of the USA, widower, retired, challenged by some medical conditions. These are secondary facts of my identity derived at least in part from the primary facts.

PoMo Study notes 2

The slog continues. Often I wonder why I submit myself to this drudgery. But each time, I suit up, grab a lance and head into the public square to meet Don Quixote in search for another windmill.

A simple search "defense of post modernism" belched forth much. I have waded into one youtube video:

Also offers a written defense.

PoMo Study notes 1

PoMo = Postmodernism - the Hip Slang version

So I have started to wade into the question: "what is postmodernism" and "how does postmodernist thought impact democratic institutions". Wanted to start by testing the water with only my big toe and was immediately sucked in over my head. But thus begins the first lesson - - - - -

Republican Like Me

Just heard of a new book by a former CEO of NPR who left the Washington DC bubble to mix, interact and debate issues with individuals in middle America. Based on reviews this seems like an interesting contribution to the polarization strangling policy debate. Again, this contribution speaks more to symptoms than causes but it provides relevant insight.

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