Civilian casualties in drone attacks

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Based on figures from a British legal lobbyng group called "Reprieve", roughly 1 in 4, or 1 in 5, person killed by the drone attacks is a noncombatant civilian.

Some in Afghanistan say that _most_ of the people killed by drone attacks are noncombatant civilians. The below-quoted magazine article (I'd name the magazine and the author if I remembered them) quotes an Afghan who said that the drones are routinely killing a _lot_ more noncombatant civilians than resistance-fighters.

It has been claimed, in a magazine article, that Obama labels as "an insurgent" every male that he kills who is of military recruitment age. I can't cite proof that the article's statement is correct, but that kind of lying to justify killing certainly wouldn't be out-of-character for a Democrat or a Republican.



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