A Question For Frome




Good question.

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Didn't you say you know someone from Frome?


Yes, I do. I'm thinking about asking him to answer the question. As a matter of fact, that's why I posted it. But I'm still wondering about the wisdom of that idea.


The wisdom of asking him? Why?

In any case, we can start a wiki page on Frome to document factually what happened there.

wiki: Frome

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Frome is a good example of anti-party-politics. I think. Maybe. ;)

As you probably saw, I started a wiki page on Frome.
The wiki should remain factual and neutral. The section of the 2015 election can be expanded. The goal is not to copy wikipedia, but to present the information from the perspective of our Election Project. Questions that we have can be added to the wiki, so that a future reader who has the answer can complete the wiki article.