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Obama vs. Hillary Clinton (2008 all over again!)

It's fun to have this poll with a very limited and limiting roster of candidates, which include only Obama and Hillary Clinton on the left. It feels like the 2008 Demcratic primaries all over again!

Today like 5 years ago, I would still prefer Obama to Clinton, although I must admit that while Obama has achieved some important positive reforms, he also has largely disappointed. Thus, my preference for Obama over Clinton is not as clear cut as it used to be.

Movie where the US president is randomly selected

I don't remember the title of the movie, but I saw a 1980s high concept movie about an alternate USA where the president was selected at random in a nationwide lottery.

It's a fun concept, although not one that I would recommend except that given the poor roster of choices, I sometimes wonder if we'd have better luck with a randomly selected citizen acting as president...

Can this poll be completed or not?

Hello Adrian,

Thank you for creating this poll. I am not sure what your purposes are for it and I wondered whether you would want people to be able to add options to the poll or not.

Basically, you have the choice to limit the poll to the options that you have already listed, so that no new candidates/options can be added to it.

Red Sky in Mourning Glory (Tribute to Challenger)

With the kind permission of the author, I repost here this nice tribute to Challenger, written within an hour of that disaster:

Red Sky in Mourning Glory

By Midge Baker (nee Clark) (c) January 28, 1986.

Through oblate spheroid of television glass,

Darkly and lightly in shades of black - white- grey,

I await the takeoff with uncounted unseen others.


Ruddy flames blaze sparking the fledgling’s tail -

Merging, urging Challenger upward on her high flung quest.

Inside her, I know, are The Seven;

Watch "Judgment at Nuremberg" at youtube

This must-see movie is available at youtube:

Setting up the polls for the 2016 US Presidential elections

There is already some demand for polls for the 2016 US Presidential elections, so I thought I would bring the discussion out in the open for how to set up polls in this site for 2016.

2012 polls

As a reminder, for 2012, we had set up 4 presidential polls using different Election Methods + 1 poll on the issues:

Copple policy #1: military and civilian use of nuclear power

Roger Copple, as one of his 27 policy initiatives, proposes:

Dismantle all nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants, simultaneously and voluntarily, the world over as soon as possible.

Lawrence of Arabia

I have added the year: I assume that the 1962 epic movie was meant. (8.4 on IMDB)

I saw that movie several times, the last time about a year or two ago, and I would watch it again with great pleasure. It is a very fine epic movie.

Yet, it's not a movie I'd ever thought about when thinking about the poll question:

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