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Activism: work for change

I tweeted:

"To activists who want to work for change, invest some time in humanity's future, get in touch with me."

I want to listen to fellow activists and see what we can do together, over the long term. Many things in this world need to change in Nigeria &everywhere else. I just want to listen/collaborate with fellow activists.

Later, when the girls are back to their homes, I'd like to split all the #BringBackOurGirls / Forgotten Ones project part of this site into a new site where we can continue work for change together.

- It will be an activist-lead web site.

What needs to be documented

We are a community of activists. Our common aim is to make a difference.

We need to refocus our energy on items that will help in the short term and long term.

So, as far as documentation in the wiki, we need two main things.

1) Document each and every demonstration, making sure our database is complete. If a page is missing for a country, let me know and I'll create it.
Check and update our database accordingly.

Proposed new donation policy for the #BringBackOurGirls movement

As I have just tweeted, I have just drafted a new policy document regarding donations for the #BringBackOurGirls cause.

Three different incidents caused me to take action and make our stance clear with regard to donations.

City-specific #BringBackOurGirls tags

I mentioned several time on the @BringGirlsBack channel that we need to split the stream into more specific and more useful streams. The #BringBackOurGirls has served its purpose and can still be used for that!

However, we are now past stage one. We need to move on to the next stage: empower local #BringBackOurGirls groups to organize themselves.
There are two problems now:
1) #BringBackOurGirls is too crowded and cannot be used at all to coordinate efforts.

Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, etc...

I see a lot of comments in different languages.

My channel increasingly attracts tweets in many different languages: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, German, etc. That's great.

My questions to all my non-english speaking friends are the same:

1) what's the public/official reaction like in your countries?

2) are there any activist group formed yet?

3) Can they help with a wiki page on their languages? The content to add may depend on the specific needs of their countries, the existence or not of existing activist groups, etc.

Strength in numbers... of activists.

I keep repeating that our strength lies in numbers.

The channel @bringGirlsBack got +1000 followers yesterday, and another +1000 today, now reaching over 4000 followers.

What we need is not necessarily 10,000 followers, but more activists. We need the kind of people just like you, who feel that randomly retweeting #BringBackOurGirls is no-longer sufficient.

How to help with the wiki (it's easy!)

You want to help with keeping the wiki up to date? Great!

There is not much to it, really.
The most important skill to have is the willingness to spend a bit of your time to help.

It's very simple.
1) register. I own the site: you're safe!
1a) I you have a Twitter account, try to use the very same username here as in Twitter.
2) wait for confirmation email. Check spam folder if necessary. Use the link within to log in the first time.
3) Once logged in, you'll see an 'edit' tab on all wiki pages.

It's time for the droplets to coalesce into a big river - #BringBackOurGirls

Reporting from:

We must coordinate better.

It is becoming apparent that there are several parallel social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Feminist networks, Progressive networks, Activist networks, etc. There are even many sub-social networks within Twitter itself! And it is very damaging to our cause that those network do not know of each other.

The most glaring example to me was when I noticed that my many UK followers were organizing vigils in London on the 3rd, 4th and 9th of May,

Twitter suspended high profile @BringGirlsBack for a few hours

I blogged earlier about the technical difficulties that I have been experiencing with Twitter: Why Twitter is blocking @BringGirlsBack and how followers make all the difference.
Yesterday, it got worse because twitter suspended my account altogether! They un-suspended it this morning and I still don't know why. The Twitter helpdesk has yet to reply to my enquiries.

What we most urgently need right now to #BringBackOurGirls

Thanks to the support of media celebrities like Lauren Laverne, the Twitter channel @BringGirlsBack has been flooded with hundreds of new followers.

The level of outrage is reaching record heights. What we need to do now is channel this outrage into meaningful action that will make an actual difference in the lives of the poor abducted girls.

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