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Political parties are less about ideology and more about getting individual elected.

Check this article, especially the section about the history of presidential elections in the USA:
From 1789 to 1832, political parties were only a convenience to assemble together people with the same ideology. However, candidates only represented themselves in elections and having several candidates from the same party was the norm.

Setting up a new poll about Canadian politics

I am having a conversation with @poramics about election methods and Canadian politics:

Since he's already a member of this site, I thought it'd nice if we could set up a nice poll about Canadian politics, in order to demonstrate better election method alternatives.

Poramics: I don't know much about Canadian politics. Can you help me set up this poll?
As examples, see some of the USA polls listed here

For: H.O.Sulaiman, Nigerian Ambassador in France, regarding the social unrest in NE Nigeria

I just sent an email to the Nigerian Ambassador in France. See the full text of that email below. Please write, too, to show your own concern.

See also

The letter

Subject: For: H.O.Sulaiman regarding the social unrest in NE Nigeria
From: augustin

Introduction to Tax Reform

It is obvious to anyone that our current social and economic system is broken. Our tax system is a core element of the social and economic system. Tax reform is an important topic being debated by reformers across the globe. It is also a very complex and far reaching topic which cannot be summarized in a single blog post, much less a single tweet. A whole book, if not more than one, would be necessary to properly discuss each reform proposals, their effectiveness, their feasibility and their implications.

Extreme poverty, famine: short term to long term action

A question on Twitter

I asked the question on Twitter:

There were 7 retweets (so far) but only one individual, @OtherFemme, replied to my question:

Solid infrastructure and social support, accountable leaders, and women need to be educated and empowered.

I'd also recommend moving away from non-renewable energy and leashing multinational corporations.

Bilingual resources for Canada and Québec

Merci à tous les amis Canadiens et Québecois pour leur aide.
Many thanks to our Canadian friends from Quebec and other provinces for their help.

Here is a short review of all resoures available to you. Besides the growing amount of resources about # BringBackOurGirls (in English) available here (including list of petitions, etc.), here are a few specific resources for you.

The potential potency of a wiki as a tool for Change and Activism

Potency & Latency

A wiki actively supported by a small/medium community could become a very potent tool for activism.

po·tent adjective \ˈpō-tənt\
1 : having or wielding force, authority, or influence : powerful
2 : achieving or bringing about a particular result : effective

This powerful tool is however not used to its full potential, if at all.

po·ten·tial noun \pə-ˈten(t)-shəl\
1 : a chance or possibility that something will happen or exist in the future.

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