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The music of Zbigniew Preisner

For Panoramics:

Here is a small sample of Zbigniew Preisner's music:

Choir practice in the Double Life of Veronique:

Les Marionettes

"Van den Budenmayer" Concerto en Mi Mineur

Song for the Unification of Europe - Julie's version

Fallacies in the discourse and psychological issues as obstacles to teamwork and change

While people like Bryce do an amazing job, trying to get people from opposite sides of the political divide1 to talk to each other and listen to each other, I am personally dumbfounded and deeply saddened by the fact that people who share the same values appear to be unable to join forces and work together in pursuit of their common objectives. Instead, difficulties in communication, fallacies and faulty logic, strong egos, etc.

  • 1. The "political divide" is an artificial division created by the use of Plurality Voting.

French presidential elections, 2017

10 days from now, I will vote in the first round of the presidential election, and I have spend a lot of time watching debates and getting informed on the candidates.

There is so much to write about in this election. Unfortunately for you, most of my time will be spent on writing about it in French, so that I can share with my family.

However, should you be interested, or if you have comments or questions on the French elections (plural, because we have two rounds), you can use the comment section below.

You may check this first:

Time for a Conversation about Change

Fred just introduced me to a guy named Bryce Johannes.

I just finished reading his piece called "Time for a Conversation about Change" and which can be found here:
A shorter version, called "Making government of, for and by the people work" can be found here:

broken finger

I think I broke my finger.
I can only type with one hand.
I'll do what I can but expect much reduced activity from my part until it's healed.

The role of interest groups and political parties in Practical Democracy

The role of political parties has become a recurring theme is our discussions.

In particular, Fred and myself briefly discussed the role of special interest groups in his Practical Democracy. Their role is only passingly mentioned in his book:
I don't recall that there is a section that details the role of special interest groups in Practical Democracy.

So, I'd like to give Fred an opportunity to describe in greater details his vision.
What role if any would political parties play in Practical Democracy?

Encounters with "No Politics! No Religion!"

A short while ago, I wrote a page in my book on "No Politics! No Religion!".

Today, while searching information on the music composer James Horner, ran into the following quote on James Horner's Plagiarism List:

As long as religion and politics stay out of the discussion and members are polite to each other, there's no problem.

People from Frome: share your experience

Hello citizens from Frome. We, members of this community, have learned about what you have accomplished in your town, replacing politics as usual with a party by the people for the people.

We look at you from afar, and we wonder how you have managed to do what you did, how decisions were made, how the campaign was organized on the ground, etc.
Please, share your experience in the comments below. Share with us any insights you may have that may help other communities, towns and cities in the UK and around the world, to accomplish the same.

Creating a new poll on election methods

I'm thinking about creating a new poll, reserved to members, on election methods. There are a few existing polls on the topic, but they are badly phrased or do not correspond to what I am after right now.

The main characteristic of the poll would be that it is comparative to the methods currently used. The question would be: how much better (or worse) would the given EM be compared to the existing method.

Politics, Policy & Political discourse projects

As part of our re-design effort:
I am now working on improving the list of projects hosted at this site:

There are four core, inter-related projects that I would like to discuss now.
I need your feedback to help name the project, and define their respective scopes.

Election Methods project

The Election Methods project is the core project at minguo.
We just finished re-designing its home page:
I am very pleased with what Fred and myself have accomplished. It all started with a remark from Fred, and some of his suggestions. I followed his train of thoughts and there is the result.

The Election Methods project is however only one of four projects that are closely related to politics.

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