What exactly will the nuclear situation be in 20~30 years?

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Someone added to the poll the following option:
"To inform and to educate the young generation about what will the nuclear situation be in 20~30 years"

It is a very good, and welcome addition to the poll. I voted for because more education can never hurt!

However, I am left wondering: what exactly will the nuclear situation be in 20~30 years?
People can argue both ways, in favour or against nuclear energy.

In 20~30 years, the energy shortages and the global warming situation may be so dire that people may be begging for more nuclear energy...

On the other hand, the mounting stockpiles of nuclear waste, the decrepit nuclear power station that nobody properly knows how to dismantle, the shortage of radioactive natural resources, etc., may force us to, at long last, put an end to this nuclear extravaganza...

So, are there any studies about the future of nuclear energy?
What do you think we'll reading in our newspapers about nuclear energy, 20 years from now?


To don't know is already an answer

Sorry for my bad english - I hope I will be enough precise and polite ;-) Thank you for your cooperation!!

The question is clear - trying to inform give already the answer - impossible to know. About the past, about the trashes, about the unknowns missiles in the oceans and…Impossible to plan nothing if it's not just easy numbers on the papers.
Pollution, weather, border line countries..But how can we accept this in regards of the future generation.
It's why from the action to try to…to make it clearly…the fact will be clear, impressive, PANIC.
And it was the answer after the first real and horrible lesson of Fukushima…Panic, panic, panic from all the governements.
No solution - the first clear answer about the incapacity to act with sensitivity - An operation in the jungle without 220V

Any way if nobody can inform us about the consequences…it's already an important answer for the future, about our responsability to use without knowledge.

It's not a joke - we must make an International Manifesto For the Next Generation about WHAT WE THINK - What the governements think for the next generations, all of us. To inform that debates don't change the ecological situation and we are agreeing this for our childrens. "Faute avouées à moitié pardonéée?"

Inform thanks negations
To say - Sorry point 1, 4 50, 2003.b we can't answer and only you could improve the answers…for us - to write the future's history.

The next generation

I agree with you that we seem to be going blind towards the future. We are very good at ignoring the possible, even likely consequences of our actions.

I like your idea about an International Manifesto For the Next Generation. Well, the poll to which this blog entry refers is itself part our our Community Manifesto, so by voting you already helped drafting some elements of our manifesto.

However, I like your emphasis on the Next Generation. I agree that they are among the Forgotten Ones.

I used your idea and added it to the following poll:
What would you like to use this site for? => Draft an "International Manifesto For the Next Generation".

Next Generation

Yes, right!
You work here is impressive and for me a deep scubadiving. Thank you for your important work.

For the manifesto I like to think with an affirmative tittle.as "The answer" or "An answer for you" or "Unpardonable" or "Next generation - no choicie"

I'm thinking about the humanistic pulsion - the sadism - we have this, everybody have this. IF too much.... one fact from this is to be able to put the other in front of the no choice, in front of *le fait accompli". This is my point of view, our decision is to don't bring the choice

The tittle maybe.

"The No Choice New Generation in front of the Nuclear Wall"