Politics, Policy & Political discourse projects


As part of our re-design effort:
I am now working on improving the list of projects hosted at this site:

There are four core, inter-related projects that I would like to discuss now.
I need your feedback to help name the project, and define their respective scopes.

Election Methods project

The Election Methods project is the core project at minguo.
We just finished re-designing its home page:
I am very pleased with what Fred and myself have accomplished. It all started with a remark from Fred, and some of his suggestions. I followed his train of thoughts and there is the result.

The Election Methods project is however only one of four projects that are closely related to politics.

Community Manifesto

The Community Manifesto is an old project that never really took off, but properly managed it still has a lot of potential. It can become a "We, The People..." kind of document. If the manifesto is properly developed, it can attract interest. To get it started, we need to iron out the exact procedures and conditions for its development.

I have a lot more to say about the Community Manifesto. Meanwhile, you can share your thoughts and suggestions on the topic in a comment below.

Political discourse Project

This project does not yet exist. For a project to officially exist, it simply needs:

  1. to be named.
  2. for its scope to be roughly defined.
  3. a project home page (a wiki page)
  4. me to add it to the list of project options users can select when creating content (book page, blog, wiki, poll, etc.).

For the name, I propose "Political discourse Project", but you can suggest an alternative.

The scope would be to first explore the dark side of politics and political discourse. We need to point a finger at what's wrong in politics and political discussion. We should identify fallacies, tricks used against us, childish slogans over substance, etc.
At the same time, we should define an alternative: ideally, what shape should political discourse take: substantial, honest discourse on the issues, fact-based considerations, etc.

This project is critical and has tremendous potential:

1) First, as a political, community-driven web site, minguo has the sad potential to fall into the same traps as any other political forum sites. I want to prevent that. I want to empower members to point out the fallacies in other members comments. I want to empower the community to call out against childish name-calling, or anything else that brings down the level of discussion. I want minguo to be a shining example of what political discourse should be like.

2) People all over the globe are fed up with politics, and for good cause. If we can produce a comprehensive set of authoritative wiki articles on the topic of political discourse, if we can show the citizens of our respective countries, the citizens of the world, what is wrong about politics and that it needn't be this way, then we can gain traction, and attract productive new members to our community.

Properly managed, this project has the potential to provide a genuine service to our society.

For these reasons, I am currently inclined to spend most of my available time developing this particular project.

Public policy project

This project kind of already exist. A weak start was made in the following wiki section:
http://en.minguo.info/wiki :

The purpose of this wiki is to collect any information on policy issues that the community might find useful or interesting. It is complementary to the Manifesto in the way that the Manifesto only contains policies that we have voted on and agree with, while this wiki can contain references to policy papers, policy decisions and proposals as well as supporting data from anywhere in the country (or the world).

We need to confirm the name of the project, define its scope more precisely, and promote it to an official, full blown project.

As you can see, there is a lot of common ground between those four projects. I considered having a single, umbrella project that would have encompassed those four above, but finally I think that each project will have more room to mature, attracting different types of interested citizens, if we allow each of those four aspects of politics to be separate projects and define their own goals.

I need your feedback on all of the above. The way we name, define and set up those four projects will define minguo itself, and its potential growth and usefulness.