La Marseillaise: Bipolar about my country's National Anthem


George, our WWII veteran and Normandy hero, asked me a question about La Marseillaise, France's national anthem.

After landing in Normandy, George took part in the liberation of large parts of the French territory, then occupied by Nazi Germany. As he did so, he had many opportunities to be welcomed by French nationals, who would proudly chant La Marseillaise. Those were glorious moments both for the Allied liberators and for the French people.

From my comparatively more recent perspective, with France living in a peaceful Europe, I must admit that I am bipolar about my country's national Anthem. On one side, I love the melody (I'll post soon some of my favourite renderings). However, I hate the lyrics with a passion. See them here: . Each time I hear the chorus, I'd like to know whose impure blood is supposed to be soaking our fields...

I personally favour a revision of the lyrics of our national anthem.