Integrity in politics

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I was reading Fred newest article which I strongly recommend:

One simple quote highlights one of the most fundamental flaws in our current society.

The politicians so selected are the least principled of our citizens, but are the only choices available to the American people in our "free" elections.

Elected officials have so much power over us and the way our society runs. We do have to find a way to ensure the most principled among us get chosen to lead us.

I am always perplexed at the propensity and the willingness of the electorate to vote for people who are obviously lying about what they intend to do once in office, or lying about their ability to actually conduct the policies they get elected for. The media make a big deal about politicians who cheat on their wives. What about politicians who cheat on the whole electorate??

Fred's Practical Democracy is an untried method, but it is very much worthy of our consideration. It claims to provide a solution to those problems. I say it's worth a try.

In any case, integrity in politics is a topic onto itself and deserves better coverage in this web site.