Emocracy ballot design


I have been dissatisfied with the design of the Emocracy ballot for a long time. I love this election method. It is similar both to Approval and to Score Voting. As such, it is very sound mathematically. It has an added option "I don't know" which explains the reason of some down vote (as in: "it's not that I don't like the candidate, but I don't know enough to decide either way").

However, the design of the ballot is quite poor. The labels "I like", "I don't like", etc. are fine for polls where we're dealing with actual candidates (i.e. people). But as soon as we are dealing with issues, we are running into ambiguities: How dare one vote "I like" on the issue "the war in Afghanistan" when one believes it is a very important issue and that there should be a complete withdrawal from the war?

Also, imagine a poll with the question: "who is the worst actor?" We could upvote an actor whom we feel is very bad, but it doesn't mean we like him! On the contrary, if we feel he's a bad actor, it probably means that we do not like him!

So I plan to change the design and replace all the labels with icons (thumbs up/ thumbs down, etc.) which would be much more versatile and lead to less ambiguity.

Also, although I personally prefer a narrower range (-1,0,+1 and ?), I never thought of emocracy as limited to -1 ~ +1. I'd like to add a setting that would allow us to create emocracy polls with wider ranges, e.g. -2, -1, 0, +1, +2 and ? or ever -10, -9 .... +9, +10 and ?, etc.


Design update.


Update: in reply to my comments above, the design has changed.
The previous implementation was limited to +1 ~ -1 and had hard-coded labels "I like", "I don't like" and "Indifferent".
Earlier this year, I made a major upgrade to the implementation so that we now decide the range from 1 to 5, and I got rid of the labels, keeping only the numeric labels, like "+5".

There are more changes that I want to make sometime in the future, so that emocracy polls can be used in an even wider range of topics. For example, we could use an emocracy poll on movies and vote "I don't know" on a movie that we have not seen without it pulling down the overall rating of the movie.